Project roadmap

This document describes the functionality planned for the upcoming releases of the nxqd distribution.

Release planning

1.0 This is the first release of the software, and functionality will include :
  • Functioning and up to date web site and associated documentation
  • Apache module delivery of the Sleepycat XMLDB as stand-alone module and/or complete Apache binary distribution

    Server delivery supported on the following platforms :
    • Linux-x86
    • Solaris-Sparc
    • Windows-x86
  • Java client for basic functionalities (add, get delete docs, xpath/xquery)
    • Support for Java 1.4 and later, 1.5
    • Provide basic functionality for adding, deleting and updating documents, as well as XPath and XQuery expressions
    • Regression test suite in place using JUnit for future compatability and regression testing
    • Rudimentary Xml:Db support (currently the XPath and XQuery portion is lacking full functionality)
31 August 2005
1.1 This is the second release of the software
  • Java client extended to include advanced Sleepycat functionality
  • Java client to implement basic Xml:DB driver functionality
  • Support encrypted access over https for more secure SOAP communications
  • Include a C/C++ client API
30 November 2005
1.2 To be decided January 2006