Nxqd is a client-server version of the Sleepycat Berkeley DB XML. It has been adapted to run as an Apache module. We will eventually propose clients in all of the main programming languages, which will communicate via SOAP with the XMLDB server. Initially our focus will be on the Java client, followed by C++.

Eventual support is planned for the XML:DB specifiation.

If you were waiting for a pure Java solution for an XML database which is capable of supporting upward of 100 000 documents, and found that Xindice tops out at around 80 000 docs, eXist tops out at around 30 000 docs, then the Nxqd Java client is for you.

This project was born out of discussions with the Sleepycat group, and we thank them for supporting this effort, and for the core Sleepycat code upon which this project is built.